About Us

About Us

It started with love

Zia Jewellers is a well-known Silver store in Nagpur. With our wide variety of jewelry, our only wish is to make our customer happy and provide them the jewelry to suit their needs.
Our store offers a wide range of jewelry and needless to say we provide only the best and our own unique designs, to fit each occasion and to cater to different kinds of customers. Each item is designed and manufactured with the utmost care to make sure that when you receive it you are over the moon with your new piece of jewelry. Apart from being unique in design, we also make sure that the quality is of absolute perfection. With tens of friendly and knowledgeable employees, we make it a priority to assist you the best.
Once you have decided on the type of jewelry that you are looking for, we would warmly welcome you to our store to tell us about your expectations, price range and description of exactly what you’re looking for. And our top professionals will assist you in getting just what you want, so that you can enjoy it for years to come.
Having been a craftsman himself, he has a knack for understanding the kind of designs and the quality of jewelry that customers fancy and focuses on utmost customer satisfaction. Owner is very proud about the work he has been able to do and that he has been able to provide employment to soo many individuals. Even during the lockdown, the employees were taken care of and for that they are forever grateful to him.
He believes that jewelry is forever and it adds charm and pizazz to an outfit and hence needs to stand out very much on its own. And to make sure every jewelry design is loaded with its own charisma, he supervises each design carefully and only then is the approved to manufacture. Starting from scratch, has given a lot of exposure and experience that he now uses to satisfy the needs of thousands of customers.
Every new season, and for every new festival, the stores are stock with all new designs to suit the occasion and are organized in a way that the moment a customers walks into the store, they can be escorted to the occasion that they need the jewel for. Be it bangles, necklaces, rings or even jewelry for men, we take care of fulfilling every customers needs and we believe in staying up to date so that the modern generation can also enjoy the joys of wearing silver jewelry.

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