1. Maintaining Your Silver Jewellery

It's important to know how to take care of silver Jewellery to keep it looking its best. Whether you're learning how to care for silver plated Jewellery, sterling silver, or any other type, creating a routine to maintain your silver Jewellery ensures it will stay beautiful for years.

Avoid Wearing Silver in The Shower :
Water can oxidize silver, causing it to tarnish.
Avoid Pools :
Chlorine and other chemicals can damage most types of Jewellery.
Avoid Hot Tubs or Springs :
There are often chemicals in hot tubs. Springs usually have sulfur that can tarnish silver.

2. Cleaning Silver Jewellery

Silver care includes routine cleanings. Regular wear of Jewellery will result in a buildup of oils, dust, and makeup. The following shows you how to care for silver Jewellery.

Warm Water and Mild Dish Soap :
Learning how to clean sterling silver Jewellery is simple — just use mild dish soap and warm water. This is a gentle yet effective way to clean silver.
Try Water and Baking Soda :
Some sterling silver care and cleaning tips suggest using baking soda to keep your Jewellery looking its best.
Use Microfiber Cloths :
Knowing how to take care of sterling silver, or any type of silver, includes using microfiber cloths for cleaning and polishing.

3. Ways To Keep Your Silver Jewellery From Tarnishing

Silver, specifically sterling silver, will tarnish from oxidation. But you can learn how to protect sterling silver from tarnishing by adhering to just a few simple rules.

Remove Jewellery When Doing Household Chores :
Wondering how to prevent silver Jewellery from tarnishing? Always remove it when you’re doing household chores. Household cleaners can be abrasive and cause damage to dainty silver pieces.
Take Off Jewellery When Exercising :
The salt in sweat can be corrosive to silver Jewellery, causing it to tarnish.
Avoid Wearing Silver in Hot Places :
It might be smart to keep your silver Jewellery out of direct sunlight, especially if it has gemstones. Sun won’t exactly damage the silver, but it might cause it to tarnish more quickly. And direct sunlight can cause pretty gemstones to fade or change in color over time. Knowing how to care for sterling silver properly sometimes means not wearing it in sunny or hot places.
Avoid Wearing Silver Jewellery When Doing Outside Tasks :
Whether it's damage from sun or heat, or scratches from garden tools, you may want to remove your silver Jewellery when doing outdoor tasks.
Put on Silver Jewellery Last When Getting Ready :
For optimal sterling silver Jewellery care, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of putting on your Jewellery after you dress and put on makeup.

4. How To Store Silver Jewellery

Storing Jewellery is often the last thing people think of, but it's important for understanding how to maintain silver. To know how to store silver Jewellery, you just need to take the following steps

Store it in a Cool and Dry Place :
How to care for sterling silver Jewellery begins by keeping it in individual bags, in a cool, dry compartment.
Try Adding Chalk to Your Storage Container :
If you’re looking for creative tips on how to keep sterling silver Jewellery from tarnishing, a piece of chalk can help absorb moisture.
Use Anti-Tarnish Strips :
To prevent sterling silver rings from tarnishing, use anti-tarnish strips.
Try Out Silica Packs :
Silver care instructions wouldn't be complete without the recommendation of silica packs. Keeping a silica pack in each bag or box containing your silver Jewellery is an important part of taking care of silver Jewellery.